Customized Hosting
You can't find any package, that suits your needs? Do you need special software installed on the web servers? That's no problem for us. Just tell us what you want and we can give you a personal offer. You can easily save costs by choosing a customized hosting package.
Mini Hosting
That's the perfect hosting package for beginners, that want to get in at incredibly low costs. You can create quite a lot of websites with 1 MB of diskspace.

No set up fee
Price: 0.99 per month
Minimum contract period: 1 Year
Standard Hosting
This package includes all features, that you need to run stunning new webapplications. With 500MB there is more than enough webspace for your website. Professionals can even use a MySQL or PostgreSQL Database for free. With our spam and antivirus filters, you have an effectiv protection.

No set up fee
Price: 5.00 per month
Minimum contract period: 6 Months
Professional Hosting
That's our top package for business clients. Run your own e-commerce by using our payment processing solutions. We give you 4GB webspace and 30GB of traffic, so that you'll never ever have to think about any limitations. You can use serveral databases, PHP, CGI, Perl and Java to make your ideas work!

No set up fee
Price: 29.99 per month
Minimum contract period: 2 Months
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