Customized CMS Hosting
Do you need a more customized CMS? Do you need special features? That's no problem for us. Just tell us what you want and we can give you a personal offer. You can easily save costs by choosing a customized CMS hosting package.
Personal CMS Hosting
That's the perfect package for people, that want to administrate with their webbrowser. It's easy to use and there is no HTML knowledge required. It's ideal for personal or small company websites. You don't even need a FTP access for the administration.

No set up fee
Price: 9.99 per month
Minimum contract period: 1 Year
Professional CMS Hosting
This package includes a professional content management system(CMS) with lot's of features. It's perfect for professionals. You can easily create new static and dynamic pages. Dynamic pages give you the possibility to set up forums, galleries and even more.

No set up fee
Price: 39.99 per month
Minimum contract period: 6 Months
Cooperate CMS Hosting
Do you have a company with a lot of employees? This content management system administrates more than just websites. It manages and archives all your documents and links them with your interoffice processes und applications. You can even give partial access to affiliates.

Set up fee: Depends
Price: 299.99 per month
Minimum contract period: 2 Months
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